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1239215_52690749.jpgWith the age of the yellow pages fading fast, many people use the internet to try to find what they are looking for. When they enter in keywords into a search engine only one of two possibilities will happen: either they will find your website, or your competitors. Which would you prefer?


Z-NetWORKS can tailor make a marketing solution for your company to make sure people find your website, stay there and keep coming back.


At Z-NetWORKS, we focus on:

Search Engine and Human Friendly Designs

While humans might find fancy flash designs pleasing to the eye, search engines do not. There is a high chance that they will ignore what you consider to be the most important parts of your website if it is not laid out in a manner easy for them to read. Other factors such as how the websites are linked and the ease and means of navigation will also affect search engine rankings.
However, if humans don’t find the design desirable and easy to read you won’t make the sale! At Z NetWORKS we work on a unique compromise for you so that your website does what it’s supposed to do.

Brand Recognition

With the unique designs and templates that Z-NetWORKS are known for, you don’t just create a website, you create an online identity. Our goal is to incorporate other parts of your company’s identity such as colours, logos, general design and feel so that your website can be identified even without the company name being present.

Content / Copywriting
All content on your website must be seen as a marketing tool. The aim is to capture and command attention while making your business sound irresistible. When worded correctly, content can also have a large impact on search engine rankings.  Written to address a specific target audience, the aim is to leave potential customers with a call to action.
Initially, we like to meet with clients and get a sound understanding of the business structure, aims and goals.  We know that you, the business owner, knows the most about the business and what the website is trying to achieve so we strive to incorporate this into everything we do.
After this, research is conducted into the relevant industry, competitors and target market. This will help dictate the content and layout requirements and also enables us to generate a list of keywords that will be played on during the writing of the copy and with SEO.
Only now that the preparation is done is the copy written, and is done with search engines in mind. It is then always sent to the client prior to publishing so that they can have final say in what they do and don’t want.

Distribution Marketing
Z-NetWORKS can develop targeted forms of distribution marketing such as the distribution of newsletters, ezines, notification of new products/ promotions/ sales and significant business communications. This can be done either with pre-existing mailing list, using member lists generated from your site or by having a specific subscribe to newsletter button on the front page.

Z-Networks can also offer advice on other forms of marketing such as “Pay Per Click” advertising (e.g. Google Adwords) and how to get exposure in the local area. We also have many worldwide contacts that will always be happy to lend a hand.

Included in every Z-NetWORKS hosting package is access to statistics and valuable marketing data so that you can evaluate any marketing strategies currently in process. Z-NetWORKS can sit down with you and look at the trends in data and suggest a future plan as necessary.

seo.pngSearch Engine Optimisation (SEO) is process of improving the traffic to a web site from search engines to improve the chance of the average person on the internet finding the business. With less than 10% of people looking past the first 2 pages on Google, you need to make your presence known.


Features and Benefits of SEO:

  • Makes sure your website is on the first page of Google and other top search engines when relevant common search terms are used
  • Leads to increased traffic numbers to website
  • Increases success of webpage and consequently business by making it easier for clients and potential customers to locate
  • Improves the image and apparent reliability of the webpage


All websites designed and developed by Z-NetWORKS will have an element of SEO incorporated into the site.

If online marketing is important for your business, Z-NetWORKS can offer you an upgraded SEO package where your search engine rankings are monitored over a period of either 6 or 12 months.

These packages are also available for those with pre-existing websites not designed, developed or hosted with Z-NetWORKS.

Z-NetWORKS Albany Office:

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