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Web hosting is a form of internet hosting that allows business to make their website accessible over the World Wide Web.
Z-Networks offers web hosting included with any sites developed by the company, as well as separately for those that wish to design and develop their site independently. Unique to Z-Networks is the fact that the content is placed onto the most relevant server available – e.g. if it is an Australian website it is placed onto a Australian server to increase the speeds. No other business in the area currently offer this service.


Hosting with Z-NetWORKS

  • Currently most reliable servers in WA, with only 23 minutes of downtime in the last year (Less downtime directly leads to increased productivity)
  • 24/7 network monitoring
  • Uninterruptable power supply: back-up will switch on for the first 10 minutes after a power failure, and if the power fails for longer the use of diesel back-up generators is used.
  • Most relevant local server used
  • Opportunity for businesses to expand in the future if required
  • Uses fastest backbone in Australia, with a 480MB line
  • Access to browser based email - accessible anywhere
  • Access to log files and site statistics
  • Use of local servers lead to increased speeds and ease of use
  • Log files and statistics can be used as information on effectiveness of SEO and marketing to determine the future direction of the business

Z-NetWORKS Albany Office:

Address: Unit 9B Frederick House, 70/74 Frederick St, Albany WA 6330  :: Postal Address: PO Box 828 Albany DC, WA 6331

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