Z-NetCMS Packages coming soon! Or, if a templated website isn't your style, we are always more than happy to help you with your custom design. For more information on CMS websites, please read on!


What is a CMS?
CMS is a software package installed and designed by web developers, but is designed to give business and website owners complete control of their own website- in a simple, non-technical way.

Benefits of a CMS


Non disruptive installation

Can be integrated into your existing website layout without downtime.  People can still visit your page while the CMS is configured.


Appear higher in Google searches

Search engines such as Google get tired of websites that rarely change too!  By having regularly updated content on your site, you will achieve higher search engine rankings, attracting more visitors to your site.


Encourage return visitors

People get tired of boring old websites that never change – with a CMS you can make sure there is always something new for them to look at.


Global access

You could be in London, New York, Sydney or Antarctica.  If you can access the internet, you can log in and make as many changes as you want.


Save time and money

You don’t need to pay web developers every time you need to make changes – and you don’t need to wait for them to fit it into their schedule! With a CMS, you can change text, images, and articles yourself in just minutes, and with no additional cost


If you can use a word processor, you can use a CMS. All content management systems come with an information package so that you can comfortably start customising your CMS from day one. For those that prefer one-on-one training, for a small additional cost we can come and teach you in your workplace.


Each website created by Z-Networks is created uniquely, encompassing the company's colours, logo's and ethos. Clients can be as involved as much or as little as they like to create a web site that not only gives a web presence, but an online identity. For examples of work we have done for previous happy clients, please visit our portfolio


Add-On Features Available

There are a large amount of features that we can add-on to you CMS website to enrich your site and tailor it for your clientel and business perfectly. These can be added on either in the initial start up of your website, or at a later date.


Content and Applications
Content Feeds
  • News, radio, photo, TV, movie, weather channels
  • Maps
  • Directory search
  • Automatic articles imported from other websites
  • Alerts & awareness
  • Audio players & gallergy
  • Shoutcasts & Podcasts
  • Streatming & Broadcasting
  • Video players & Gallery

Calendar and Events

  • Appointment & schedule
  • Birthdays & historic events
  • Bookings & reservations
  • Calendars & Clocks
  • Currency, exchange and traditional calculators
  • Graphs and charts
  • Taxes & mortgage calculators
Within Your Website:
  • Instant and Private Messaging
  • Forum
  • Phone & SMS
  • Shoutbox
  • Video conference
  • Help Desk
Social Networking
  • Facebook Display
  • Twitter Display
  • Social Bookmarking Display
  • Social Channels Display
  • Wave
Content Sending



Website Structure & Design
Structure & Navigation
  • Menu Systems
  • Multi Categorization
  • Sections & Categories
  • Site Links
  • Site Map
  • Site Navigation
  • URL Redirection

News display and Production

  • Articles Embed
  • Articles Listing
  • Articles Showcase
  • Articles Summary
  • Articles tabs
  • Featured Articles
  • Frontend News
  • Latest News
  • News Tickers & Scrollers
  • Newsflash
  • Popular Content
  • Quotes
  • Random News
  • Related Items
  • Archive
  • Authors
  • Blog
  • Content Construction
  • Content Management
  • Content Submission
  • Microblogging
  • Planned Content
  • Timed Content
Style & Design
  • Accessibility
  • Articles styling
  • Browsers & Web Standards
  • Modules display
  • Popups & iFrames
  • Print & PDF
  • Tabs & Slides
  • Templating
  • Tips & Notes
  • Titles
  • Typography


  • Communities
  • Members lists
  • Membership
  • Profiles
  • Project & Task Management
  • Ratings & Reviews
  • User Management
Ads & AffiliatesE-Commerce
  • Affiliate Advertising
  • Banner Management
  • Classified Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Jobs & Recruitment
  • Text & Link Ads
  • Affiliate Carts
  • Auction
  • Billing & Invoices
  • Donations
  • Payment Gateway
  • Payment systems
  • Shopping Cart
  • Subscriptions
 Please note that additional costs do apply for add-on features

For more information on how a CMS will benefit your business, a demonstration, free website analysis or an obligation free quote, please contact us.

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